How Now, Nice Cows?

This weekend I got the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do for ages–visit the cows at Arethusa Farm who make the. Best. Ice Cream–and it did not disappoint! Actually, the whole day was quite the glorious pastoral adventure (except for Nick who thought it was boring and terrible) but I only took pictures of the lovely cows and my lovely friends at the glorious farm. These cows are gorgeous, and spoiled with two baths a day! We also definitely spoiled them with the pets, and do not have elaborate plans to abscond with our favorite cow of the day, Tibo, who is featured in most of the pictures below.

Cows, it turns out are basically giant dogs, so much so that Nick actually said ‘Dog, stop!’ to a very lick-some cow, but he denies it.

Cows love a good scritch.

Life goal, fulfilled. Photo by Jenna!

This cow was nice, but clearly no Tibo.


Look. At. That. Mouth.

If you look closely you can see the slobber trailing off Nick’s face.


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