Aerial Portraits: Megan and Bella

One of my major projects in July was doing aerial portrait sessions with some of the lovely ladies of Air Temple Arts! I did seven photoshoots in two days which was incredibly exhausting both mentally and physically, but such a wonderful experience. There are lots of crazy, beautiful aerial photos out there but for the July photoshoots I wanted a really clean look and feel that would showcase both the artist’s skills, and personality–not overpower them with dramatic lighting or effects.

For a backdrop I used white aerial fabrics (multi-purposing for the win), and used a series of soft boxes and the lovely windows at the studio to get a nice, bright, natural lighting feel.

My first photoshoots were with Megan and Bella, two of the awesome teens who take classes at the studio, and I love how much these pictures capture their wildly different personalities–Megan is a mile-a-minute ball of energy, while Bella is reserved and constantly making a study of her surroundings. Both of them chose to do simple (but not easy!), strong poses that enhanced their lines and gave room for their character to shine. Keep an eye on both of them–they’re definitely going places!

Megan chose to do silks and lyra for her shoot and chose two lovely leotards that complemented the classic poses she was doing super nicely, and let her skills speak for themselves.

This photo of Megan in ‘man in the moon’ was probably one of my top five photos from the whole weekend. Her smile is just so lovely.

A storm started to come up right before Bella’s shoot and I love how it gave the lighting for her shoot a silvery effect, especially since there was so much gray and silver in her shoot–it really enhanced it in the best way.

This is another one of my favorite pictures–all of the elements blend really well and its simplicity also showcases Bella’s considerable strength.

That. Hair. Oh my goodness. It wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out Bella actually just stepped out of a pre-Raphaelite painting.

I had such a fantastic time working with these two lovely, young ladies! Check back soon for more from that photoshoot weekend!

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