Svenja’s Barn House Part II

A few weeks ago I posted a tour of my friend Svenja’s new home–now and forever dubbed Brown Star Barn–as I documented the first day of move in. I had so many pictures that I decided to break it up into two posts, with this one documenting what all the people and pups were up to that day. Svenja and Zac have three energetic kiddos, and two rescued greyhounds. I brought along my own troublesome pup, Tesla, and friends were popping in and out all day so it was quite the parade of faces. Enjoy!

The Greyhounds! Forrest, the brindle, and Ruby (self explanatory). They seem pretty pleased with the pool.

Tesla checks out a spot that Forrest had previously claimed.

Forrest claimed some of my favorite shots of the day, being more alert and exploratory than Miss Ruby who was content to snooze all afternoon. He has the cutest face of any greyhound I’ve ever seen. We think it’s the dark eye-ring and the white eyebrows.

I managed to catch Svenja mid-explanation of how she feels in her new home. 

And Zac!

Tesla seems to approve as well.

In the afternoon everyone headed down to the pool for a post-moving swim. It was the perfect opportunity to break out my new telephoto lens and capture some of the action from a cannonball-safe distance.

Svenja and Zac have graciously added Tesla in as a temporary member of their pack a number of times when Nick and I have been away and it’s been such a help in socializing our grumpy, anxious Dog-Prince. The picture above shows just how much he loves and trusts Svenja–he’s absolutely terrified of water (we used to have to mix it in to his food, believe it or not), so for him to let her hold him a mere foot from the evil liquid is amazing.

The photo above is another one of my favorites and really shows the power of a nice telephoto. I love the pop of red and how comfortable Svenja’s son looks in his new home.

I asked if Svenja wanted some family photos at the new house, but this was the best I could do. We’ll have to try again on a day when all youths are less exhausted and overstimulated!

Svenja’s son is a huge animal lover, and Tesla loves him right back! When Tesla stays with them he sleeps in her son’s bed, and he even reads aloud to Tesla, though I’m pretty sure his understanding of english is um, limited to ‘dinner, treat, and pizza.’ Nevertheless it is heartwarming and I adore this picture of the two of them.

I can’t wait to do some more portraits of this crazy, beautiful family sometime soon!

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